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Made With Melanie – Documentary film trailer and update

Made With Melanie – Documentary film trailer and update

Thank you so much for sharing!

Melanie’s Makers, family, friends, and fans,

Hello! This is Robert and we’re looking forward to engaging a bit more with you as we move forward – but as you can imagine, it has been a hard time for my family and me.

God is sustaining us, and I’m thankful to my amazing family and friends who have stepped up and been a gracious and loving support system. Thank you for being here for us! 

Despite the horrible loss of my sweet Melanie, I will attempt to continue her legacy in the best way I know how – by telling her story.

Made with Melanie

Some of you know I’m a filmmaker. At times during this whole ordeal – the only power I ever felt (other than by taking care of my family and helping Melanie in any way possible) was to create a film that tells her courageous and inspiring story.

I’m very excited to share the trailer for our film about Melanie’s life, her journey as a Maker, and her fight with cancer. The trailer will be on her channel, here on her blog, and on her socials. If she inspired you, please share it! 


Our goal is to have the feature documentary finished by the end of June or the beginning of July. When we are finished, we will make another announcement here. The film will be released exclusively on her Youtube Channel.

The Cancer Came Back

I started making this film in 2020 after the cancer came back and much of my work had been put on hold, so I went to what I do best. I asked Melanie to sit down and talk through our journey up to that point. I think it was very therapeutic for both of us, and of course super difficult. By our anniversary on January 21, 2021, I showed Melanie a 35-minute cut of the film up to that point (when we started to believe we had the cancer under control). We cried together and she had no edits, which always made me happy because it means I got her story right.

The Hardest Year

Sadly the story did not end there, though I wish it did. I continued to record our journey through the hardest year of our lives. As the cancer came back, I filmed our experiences through surgeries, chemotherapies, what felt like a million hospital visits, buying a new house, and dealing with everything that came with all that.

Telling Her Story

Melanie reassured me that if she were to pass, I could tell her story uncensored because she trusted me. I believe the film will honor her legacy, her love, her creativity, and her passion.

My film is also very vulnerable. We show images of Melanie’s decline that may be uncomfortable to watch. I think it’s important to show her fight because Melanie experienced what we all know; Cancer SUCKS!

Millions are fighting cancer at this very moment, but we don’t like to see or talk about the details because illness and mortality make us uncomfortable. She was Melanie all the way to the end. She wasn’t Melanie because she had beautiful hair, or she was in good shape or or or… She was Melanie because of the beautiful soul she had, and cancer could never steal that.

So please understand our motive in making this film and sharing such vulnerable moments with you. Additionally, I have been showing footage of the film to our family because it’s important to me that they are all comfortable with it before we release it.

Ours Forever

I’m so proud of Melanie. She continues to be my muse and inspires me. I hope you enjoy this trailer and our film Made With Melanie. Her channel and socials will remain posted and accessible to you! We hope that you continue to watch her videos and spread joy and creativity to the world through the beautiful things you create for yourself, your families, and humanity.

May we love harder, create better, be kinder, and appreciate each other because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Much love and peace to you all.

Thank you,

Robert and family

Donna Sullivan

Tuesday 5th of July 2022

Shortly after the beginning of the pandemic a friend and I decided to take up quilting. We both had always wanted to learn but never had taken the "leap" to actually attempt it. We found Melanie's series "Making your first quilt" and she made it seem achievable and not as complicated as we feared. Her advice to not worry about it being perfect, just FINISH it helped me more than any technical advice could have. My friend and I had met volunteering in our local Children's Hospital NICU. We were looking for a way to still help and bring some comfort to those NICU families when, because of the pandemic, we could not volunteer in person. Between the two of us, we have made approximately 75 quilts for NICU babies since the pandemic began. Melanie touched our lives and inspired us. She gave us a way to in turn reach out and touch other families. We know that her loss is devastating to you and her family. We just wanted to let you know that she gave us a precious gift. We are looking forward to finding out more about Melanie's life through your documentary. Thank you for sharing her with us. Sending you love and wishes for peace and strength. Donna and Lori

Kelly Wolfe

Sunday 3rd of July 2022

Dear Robert and family, I found Melanie's channel during the pandemic, after my husband urged me to try quilting to help me through my burnout. I felt like I'd never be able to make a nice quilt, but then found Melanie's beginner videos. That first quilt now hangs proudly in our living room, and each time I look at it I think of Melanie. She was always positive, friendly, and kind. She taught me a skill that I will use and cherish for a lifetime. Listening to her videos was like sitting and talking with a friend. Hearing that she had passed made me feel so sad; I will miss her very much, and can only imagine what you all must be going through. I am looking forward to seeing your film; a beautiful testament to Melanie and the positive effect she's had on many people's lives, including mine. Sending you all much strength and love, Kelly.

Joanne Theis

Thursday 23rd of June 2022

I can't tell you how powerful your video for Melanie will be to a whole lot of people who adored Melanie and her gentle way of teaching. She truly had a gift. I go back to her video's a lot and enjoy watching them even though I have seen them a thousand times. Blessings to all of your, and daily prayers to you.

Susan Estevez

Tuesday 21st of June 2022

Melanie’s videos were so inspiring. She made crocheting and sewing look so easy. She motivated me to crochet and sew for my children and grandchildren. The memorial video clip shows what a beautiful person she was and is outside and inside. Blessings to you and your family

Terri Stecher

Monday 20th of June 2022

I found Melanie’s video to how to make your first quilt. I have a grandson due to be born in 2 weeks. I watched the video series and made my first quilt ever for my grandson. I didn’t realize until after I finished the quilt that she had passed away. She was an incredible teacher and I am so glad you are keeping her videos up. I look forward to learning more from the videos she had made. Hod bless you and your family.

David Maxwell II

Wednesday 29th of June 2022

@Terri Stecher, this video was what inspired me and pushed me to give quilting a try…..and todays I have now completed over 30 quilts. She will always be someone I owe a “thanks” to.

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