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Quilt Process Step 5: Applique

Thank you so much for sharing!

My Client wanted the words “grandma” and “grandpa” on the quilt.  We agreed on the placement of the lettering and so it was time for me to do my research on applique.  This was my first project using the applique technique.  I love the look of needle turn applique which is done by hand and you can’t see the stitches that attach the letters to the background, but that would take forever, so I decided to fuse the letters and then zig zag stitch around the letters.

Thanks to my Stepmom for taking these pictures of me while I was on vacation at my Dad’s house in California for Christmas.  She helped me cut out the letters too!

Here I am using a lightbox to trace the letters in reverse on the Steam a Seam fusible webbing.  A few times I messed up on the whole “reverse” part!

Once the letters were done I decided which letter would be in which fabric.

Then I took off the sticky side of the paper per the instructions and then cut around the letter to cut the fabric.  Next time I’ll probably roughly cut the letter out rather than precisely cut out the letter twice.

Then you peel of the other side, attach it to the background fabric and iron it into place.

Here are the letters adhered to the background fabric.  I zig zag stitched around the outside edge with green thread when I got home to my machine.