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Summer Skirt #2 – Easy Elastic Skirt with Pockets!

Summer Skirt #2 – Easy Elastic Skirt with Pockets!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi my makers! Today, I have video #2 in the summer skirt series featuring an accent fabric and pockets!

*My daughter came up with the pose all by herself 😉


Fabric (Tiger Lily by Heather Ross, prints are butterflies in mud and yellow) 1/2 yard of fabric 1 and fabric 2.

Coordinating thread

3/4 inch elastic –

pins –

scissors or rotary cutter –

large safety pin –

sewing machine (I used my dx7 which i got at Sew Mini Things,

iron and ironing board

Click the image for the free pdf download!!  I will have them below as well.

Written Instructions and Fabric Details for the Elastic Waist Skirt with Pockets.

1 inch = 2.54 cm

2 Coordinating fabrics, 1/2 yard cut of quilting cotton fabric each = 18 inches (1 yard total)

Be aware that you will loose a little yardage due to shrinkage during the prewash process. I used a 1 yard cut in the video.

Off the bolt, a half yard of fabric measures 18 inches by wof (42/44 inches).

my daughters measurements were 24 (waist) x 17 (length)

24 x 2 = 48 inches around – I made this skirt less full so the measurement all the way around was 41 inches instead.  Adjust as desired.

Fabric 1 = main body of skirt  Fabric 2= pockets and accent band

Cut 2 panels 20 1/2  x 14 from fabric 1. Main body panel.

Cut 2 panels 20 1/2 x 6 from fabric 2.  Accent panel.

Cut pockets measuring 6 x 7 from fabric 2.  Pockets.

*Use this information and determine how much fabric you need based on your measurements.  This sewing project is VERY forgiving, so don’t get hung up on your sizing, you can be an inch or 2 off and it will still work!

Step 1: Prewash and dry fabric. (I like to wash on delicate and tumble dry low.  Press fabric well.

Step 2: Cut 2 panels 20 1/2  x 14 from fabric 1. Cut 2 panels 20 1/2 x 6 from fabric 2.  Cut pockets measuring 6 x 7 from fabric 2 for pockets.  Cut per your measurements.  Mine were 24 x 21.  Pay attention to direction of print if applicable.

Step 3: Fold accent panel wrong sides together (right sides facing out) and light up the 20 1/2 raw edge with the raw edge of the main body panel with right sides together.  Sew using 1/2 inch seam allowance. Finish seam with zig zag or serger and press seam up toward main body panel.  Do this for other side of the skirt as well.

Step 4: Press pockets.  Fold over 1/4 inch and press, then another 1/4 inch and press.  Do this on the sides and bottom of the pocket.  Fold over 1/4 inch and press and then 3/4 and press well for the top of the pocket.

Step 5: Create a double stitch at the top of the pocket.

Step 6: Pin pockets in place on the front panel of the skirt.  I placed mine 3 inches from the sides and 1 1/2 inches above the seam with the accent panel.

Step 7: Sew down pockets.  Begin at top of the pocket, 1/8 inch from the edge.  Back stitch and sew down the side, pivot and sew across the bottom, pivot and sew to the top backstitching well at the end.

Step 8: Place skirt panels right sides together and sew down both sides of the skirt using a 1/4 to1/2 seam allowance. No need to back stitch.  Serge or zig zag the seams to finish.  Pay attention to directional print of fabric if applicable.

Step 9: At the ironing board, press the waistband.  Fold over 1/4 inch and then again 1 inch to create the casing for the elastic. Pin in place.  Use a tape measure or seam gauge to ensure your casing will fit the elastic snuggly but not too tight or too loose.  Keep in mind you still need to stitch.  Mine was 1 inch.

Step 10: Sew waistband.  Sew very close to the fold leaving a 1 inch opening to insert the elastic.

Step 11: Cut Elastic to waist measurement.

Step 12: Using a large safety pin, feed elastic through casing being careful not to twist.  Pull back out the hole and evenly distribute gathers while holding both ends of the elastic. 

Step 11: Overlap the elastic by 1 inch and zig zag at each end for a secure hold.

Step 12: Close up waistband hole

Here is the full video tutorial!


Monday 15th of May 2017

Hi Melanie

I love your tutorials. Will you be doing some summer dresses? I also have 2 boys do you have any tutorials for shorts/shirts .

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