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What I Use and Love!

What I Use and Love!

Thank you so much for sharing!

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I added a new page to my blog last night, I called it What I Use and Love ;).  I often get asked about what type of sewing machine I use, what editing software I like to what kind of camera and lights do I use for videos.  So I decided to make a page with everything written out so that if by chance you were curious, you would have the answers there!  If you hover over “about” in the navigation menu you can click on What I Use and Love and it will come up!  Now, full disclosure – many of the links are affiliate links, but rest assured these are all things I use and love and would still put them on the list if I didn’t have an affiliate link.  Not to mention I am very particular about the things I promote so you don’t have to worry ;).

I will add the list here as well in case you were curious!  Did I leave anything out?  What are you favorite sewing room items or online tools?

Sewing Machine

-my main sewing machine is a Juki TL-2010q.  I also have a Viking Emerald 116 (my original machine).  I have a Singer Ultralock serger as well ( I stole it from my Mom, love you Mom!).

My Favorite Thread
There are lots of good ones, but this is my go to and favorite.  Plus, my machine likes it so that makes me like it ;).

Rotary Cutters
I use and like both Olfa and Fiskars.  These are the exact ones that I have 😉


Cutting Mat
I have a Fiskars 35 x 23 large mat

My favorite traveling cutting mat
Rotating Olfa mat

Crochet Hooks
I’m not very particular, but I do prefer metal to plastic.  The larger ones are usually plastic because of the weight.  Here are a few I have in my collection.


Favorite Yarn
I have a used lots of different kinds.  I like LionBrand, RedHeart, Bernat, Loops and Threads.  It completely depends on the project.

iMac desktop – late 2009 27 inch (My Dad’s computer that I bought from him when he upgraded, thanks Dad!)

11 inch Macbook Air

iphone 6

Microphone for Voiceover
Blue Yeti

Microphone for Video Recording

Headphones for Editing (the best ones according to my editor husband ;0)


Website Platform

Email Marketing

Editing Software for Videos
Premiere Pro CS6

Canon 70d and Canon t5i


I try to use natural light as much as possible, but I have and use this light kit when necessary.  I comes with a backdrop to hang quilts as background or photograph quilts.


Wednesday 22nd of April 2015

Thanks for your awesome tutorials you are such an inspiration I'm a new quilter from Trinidad in the Caribbean and I wish to see more quilting tutorials from you plz!!!! Keep up the Good work and God Bless!!

Diana COx

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015

This is really useful information - thanks so much for sharing! I think you are just the neatest, crafty, sewy, mom, creative talent out there. I love your posts!

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