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Beginner Crochet Guide

Beginner Crochet Guide

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Everyone! I just uploaded a new crochet basics video and I wanted to create a beginner crochet guide and have a spot where new crocheters could go for help in 1 spot. I have lots of information here on my blog and on YouTube to help beginners, but it’s kind of scattered around so hopefully this helps you!

Beginner Crochet Guide

I want to learn to crochet, now what?

Ok, so if you see some beautiful photos or meet a friend who crochets and decide you want to learn, what is your first step? Here are my recommendations after teaching thousands of beginner crocheters online. I hope this beginner crochet guide helps you get started!

  1. Pick out some yarn, one of my favorite pastimes! Now, as a beginner I do not recommend any yarn that catches your eye in the yarn aisle or online. I did that when I first started and I chose a yarn that was so difficult to see the stitches that it turned out to be very frustrating. I recommend buying 2 different types of yarn, a 100% cotton yarn in a medium to light color you like and a standard worsted weight acrylic yarn in a medium to light color you like (dark colors will be too hard to see).

Yarn Recommendations

Cotton Yarn recommendations: Lion Brand 24/7, Bernat Handicrafter, Lily’s Sugar and Cream

Acrylic Yarn recommendations: Paintbox yarn simply chunky or simply Aran, Red Heart super saver, Vannas choice

If you don’t want to buy online go to your local Joann, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart (in a pinch – they don’t have a big selection) or independant yarn shop and look for yarn with very little texture – a standard mid weight yarn.

Crochet hook recommendations

  1. Head to your local craft store, or better yet Amazon and grab a hook set and some yarn. This is THE BEST hook set and Amazon typically has it for around $31.

2. If you don’t want a whole set, that’s ok too. You can get these hooks individually. In order to decide what hook size to buy, you want to look at the yarn label. Here are a few different labels. It will be listed as a letter or in mm, so find that corresponding size and that is the hook to use for that yarn.

purple Clover Amour, Boye gold aluminum and plastic susan bates hook all from my collection.

Ok, I have my yarn and hook – what’s next?

Once you have your yarn and hook, I want you watch these videos… in this order. Make some little swatches (4-5 inches square) to practice your stitches.

But firs, a few things to keep in mind.

  • It’s ok to go slow
  • It’s ok to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing
  • It’s normal to feel like your hands and fingers aren’t cooperating
  • It’s normal to have to have to watch the stitch over and over again to try and get it right.
  • Creating that muscle memory takes time, try not to get frustrated and enjoy the process.
  • Keep going! It won’t be long before you can make simple scarves and blankets – trust me ;).

Once you have had some time to practice these stitches and make some wash cloths, you are ready to make a scarf or a small blanket. Here are some great ones!

If you start to lose heart… Here are some common crochet mistakes and frustrations!

Here’s a photo for your Pinterest if


Thursday 6th of May 2021

Hey Melanie, I'm going nuts trying to figure out how to do multiples and what multiples are. How to do the math, how it's done. I've looked at lots of videos and keep getting confused and frustrated. Not knowing how to do it. Feels like I'm stupid or that I'm never going to get it. Please help, I'm desperate. Can you send me an easy explanation on how to do it? Thanks


Monday 24th of June 2019

Do you have video on how to read a pattern? Have seen pattern U would like to try but it's not in a video I find it hard to follow the printed pattern. Thanks

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