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The Best Crochet Handmade Gifts for Mom

Thank you so much for sharing!

No matter what age you are, Mom will always love a handmade gift. I really love to combine a handmade gift with a store bought gift to make a package to create the ultimate handmade gifts for Mom. Here is a list of 8 crochet tutorials that you can give to Mom, as a stand alone present or combined with fun things like candles and bath salts! I also chose projects that won’t take longer than a weekend 😉

I am blessed to have a Mom, Stepmom and Mother-in-law that are all amazing. They are so supportive and loving, plus they love anything I give them – you know how Moms are! I trade off between handmade and store bought gifts myself, but whenever possible I love to give handmade. It’s just so special!

The Best Crochet Handmade Gifts for Mom

Here are 8 of my best crochet handmade gifts for Mom! They won' take you longer than a weekend to make and can be combined with other items for an amazing Mother's Day package.

Round Crochet Face Scrubbies
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