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Easy Crochet Kindle Cover Tutorial and Video

Easy Crochet Kindle Cover Tutorial and Video

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi! It’s been on my list to make a crochet kindle cover for awhile now, and it can be modified to make it work for an iPad case, e-reader or any sort of tablet too!


Crochet Kindle Cover Pattern

  • Start with a slip knot
  • chain 36 (or whatever size you need – must be multiple of 2)
  • Place 2 single crochets in the 4th chain from the hook
  • Skip 1 foundation and crochet 2 single crochets in the next foundation chain.
  • Repeat all the way down the foundation chain
  • chain 2 and turn your work
  • skip the first stitch and place 2 single crochets in the second stitch.
  • skip 1 sc and place 2 in the next repeating all the way down.
  • Continue until you reach the desired panel size. Repeat steps to make 2nd panel.
  • NOTE: You can make one long panel and just sew up the sides. That is a great way. I opted not to so that my stitch wouldn’t be upside down on the back 😉

Attach 2 panels together

  • Fasten off and weave in tails from panel 1.
  • For panel 2, do not cut yarn and fasten off.
  • Place panel 2 on top of panel one. Insert hook through the sides of both panels and sc to secure along the side, the bottom and back up the other side.
  • Cut yarn and weave in all tails.

Make Optional Lining

  • Cut fabric to size and use fabric glue to seal the sides and top
  • Insert into crocheted outer cover and hand sew in place

Optional Crochet Strap and Button

  • Choose your button before you make your strap.
  • Make your foundation chain to size, sc in the 2nd chain and sc all the way down. Once you reach the end make a chain long enough to go around your button (mine was 10). sc in the first stitch and then all the way back down the previous row of sc to create the strap.
  • Hand sew it into place and sew the button to the cover.

You’re all done! I can’t wait to see your crochet kindle cover! Here is the full video tutorial for those that need it 😉

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Sunday 29th of September 2019

Love all your work💖 do you have a pdf format for this? It helps me with my disability and Thank you for being a True Inspiration and Teacher 💖


Sunday 29th of September 2019

That is so great! Blessings to you!


Tuesday 24th of September 2019

Thanks for another great video- I do not have a kindle but I would love to make a case like this for my phone. How would I go about figuring out the number of stitches and do the stitches have to be divisible by a certain number?? Thanks!

Belinda LeVario

Monday 23rd of September 2019

Love it! Not sure why I’m not getting notified when your videos come out.

Love all of your work!


Sunday 8th of September 2019

I Love this so much

Jane E Visser

Saturday 7th of September 2019

I just love your cute u-tube video's! You always have something interesring to crochet.. I have been crocheting for a while but I do find you to be very interesting. I referred my daughter to your site as she is trying to learn. I live too far away to help her. I know your video's will be spot on helping her to master crocheting. Thank you for all the ideas you bring to us every week.

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