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Finding Joy in Being #Chosen

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World Vision is changing the game for child sponsorship. For the first time ever, the ability to choose a sponsor is in the child’s hands.

I had the privilege of going to Honduras with World Vision last year and was able to meet Katerin, the child we decided to sponsor from that trip. Here we are with her and her Mom. We selected her from a group of kids that were from the region we were traveling to. We wanted to pick a girl who was around our daughters age so we could have good conversations with our kids about this process.

While, I’m happy that sponsorship exists, that process felt a little strange to me. A bit outdated, I guess. So when World Vision reached out and told us about this idea, we LOVED it and were 1000% on board. Give this decision to the children??! So powerful.

Next week, my husband and I are headed to Ecuador to help document this groundbreaking change in child sponsorship and the cool thing is… I can bring you with me!

Use this link to sign up to sponsor a child before 9/25 and the world vision team will include you in our choosing party in Ecuador on 9/30! How cool is that?! We will be capturing as much video and photos as possible to document it all.

Poverty steals choices from kids. It’s time to give those choices back. Empower a child to take hold of their future—starting with the chance to choose you as their sponsor. I hope you’ll join me, and if you aren’t able to right now, I hope you’ll follow along and see what amazing work World Vision is doing around the world!

If you aren’t interested or able to sponsor a child right now, that’s okay! I would love it if you follow along and see what World Vision is up to and maybe you can support them in the future. We are planning to visit a sewing group in Ecuador, so I’m excited to share that story with you! My Instagram is melaniekham if you want to follow along there.

This post was made in partnership with World Vision.

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