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Beginner Friendly Crochet Zip Pouch Tutorial

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Today I have a fun beginner friendly crochet zip pouch tutorial for you! You do not need a sewing machine for this project, if you would like to see this project using a sewing machine, leave me a comment and if there is enough interest I can put that together for you!

how to crochet zipper pouch

Beginner Friendly Crochet Zip Pouch Tutorial – no sewing machine

crochet zip pouch supplies


(Click the linked supplies to find them easily on Amazon!)

Coordinating hook size to yarn selected
zipper size of choice
coordinating hand sewing thread
hand sewing needle
yarn needle
clover clips (binder clips work as well or pins in a pinch)


foundation chain crochet pouch

Instructions – Create Crochet Panel

1. Start with a slip know and create foundation chain slightly longer than zipper length

2.dc (double crochet) in the 3rd chain from the hook and dc in every chain all the way to the end.

3. ch 2 (counts as dc), turn work and dc in the 2nd stitch and continue to the end. Be sure to dc in the top chain of the previous turning chain (see pic for how the ends should look)

4.Continue step 3 until you make your desired size panel. Do not fasten off yarn. (The blue is the same yarn, different color)

Slip Stitch the sides

5.Fold your panel in half with working yarn on the top. Line up the sides and slip stitch side opening closed. Fasten off and weave in the ends.

6.Repeat on the other side. Start at the fold and work your way to the top, slip stitching the front and back together.

Create the lining

7.Fold scrap piece of fabric in half with the right sides together. Place the crochet pouch piece on top of it and use that as a guide to trim fabric. Make sure lining fabric is .5 inches taller that crocheted piece.

crochet zip pouch lining

8.Fold top of lining fabric wrong sides together and press. Sew sides of fabric lining with .5 seam allowance using a hand sewing needle and some thread or a sewing machine.

9.Place lining inside of the crochet pouch.

Hand sew in the zipper

10.Prepare to sew in the zipper. Place the zipper tape in between the crochet piece and the lining and clip well.  I like to start with the zipper open.

clover clips and zip pouch

11.Using a coordinating thread and needle, hand sew the zipper in place using small stitches so that they are hidden.

Clip the zip pouch

12. Do your best! You can always go back over areas that you feel need some more security.

how to crochet zipper pouch

What do you think of this crochet zip pouch? Now that you’ve crocheted this zip pouch, another popular beginner project is the basket tutorial! Interested in an accessory instead, how about an infinity scarf?!

As always, I have created this as a video tutorial as well. I go nice and slow – great for beginners!

*This post contains affiliate links… they are of no extra cost to you, the small percentage commission I earn allows me to purchase more supplies and make things easy for you to find! THANK YOU for the support in this way ;).

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