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Color Theory: Emerald the Pantone Color of the Year

Color Theory: Emerald the Pantone Color of the Year

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Hey Everyone!  I just did a video on my YouTube Channel talking about color theory, so I thought I would do a blog post about it as well if you like to read rather than watch new content.

Emerald is the Pantone Color of the Year.  I love color theory, it was my all time favorite class in college when I was getting my bachelor of arts degree. I have an emphasis in Art History, but we still had to complete 2d design, 3d design, color theory, drawing 1 and 2 plus some electives like printmaking.  I thought I would talk a little bit about the color wheel and some common color combinations with respect to the color emerald!  Grab a cup of coffee and sit in on my little art lesson!


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First I want to talk about the color emerald.  This mid to dark range of green can evoke many different kinds of messages based on how it is used.  For example, when I think of the color emerald, I think of emeralds, very expensive and sophisticated.


The color emerald can also be used in a woodsy, homey and more traditional atmosphere like a rustic cabin or a home paying homage to its heritage.  In addition, the color emerald can be very lively and radient, a color found in nature and very fresh and organic.




So here is the color wheel…


The first color combination I am going to talk about is the monochromatic.  A monochromatic color combination is the tint or shade of the same color on the color wheel. Ombre is a great example of this type of color scheme and a very modern way to use color.


riley blake ombre dots in green

The 2nd color combo I want to cover is complimentary.  Complimentary colors are directly across the color wheel so the complimentary color of green is red.  Now that doesn’t mean that everything you do with green or red has to look like a Christmas card, but you can use the various shades within those colors and they are still a complimentary colors scheme, like green and pink.  The cool thing about complimentary colors is that red never looks so vibrant and “red” as when it is next to green and vice versa which makes them work so well together.



The last color combination I am going to cover in this post is called analogous.  An analogous color scheme is the 3 to 4 colors next to each other on the color wheel.  So green can go more towards yellow, or more towards blue.


Green a blue is a very popular and trendy color combination right now.

analogousshoes and


Here is my video if you’d like to watch me talk about the color emerald, have a wonderful day!