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Craft Closet Makeover

Thank you so much for sharing!

Happy Thursday Everybody!  Today is my little craft closet makeover post! yeah!  Excited to show you all… Let me know what you guys think?  Do you have any good organizational tips and ideas?
Here is my embroidery floss.  I bought a men’s belt and tie rack for $5!  One of only 2 things I bought to organize the closet.
A coat hook that we used in Alaska that we don’t need here in Hawaii!  These little tins hold my thread… The crochet sunburst is just for fun.  I can also hang things like…A wreath form and tape.  This is a good place to put things up and out of the way.
Next over we have some binders and magazines for inspiration, a plastic tub for sewing notions I don’t use all that much, my iron and my button jar.
The button jar.  I wanted to take the buttons out of the plastic sandwich bags so it would be prettier, but they are all organized by color, so I decided to leave them alone.  I had coins in this jar.
Some more organization.  I love jadeite.  This batter bowl is cracked down the middle so I got another one that I use in my kitchen, but this one still works.  I also use my jadeite creamer cup for safety pins.  I love using pretty things for organization.
I wrapped yarn around clothespins and put them in a container I wasn’t using from the kitchen.
Inside the batter bowl.  Small sewing and hand stitching stuff I use fairly regularly.

This is the wall art I made on my youtube channel in the last video!  Check it out to see how to!

 Aaaah.  Much better.

Here is the detailed personal tour on my youtube channel as well!!


Monday 5th of March 2012

The "after" looks great! All set to sit down and work.


Sunday 4th of March 2012

Those are some nice storage ideas! I really need to clean my craft room too, all my sewing stuff is in a big basket and it keeps turning into a bigger mess! Love what you've done!

Jessica Lucas

Sunday 4th of March 2012

I like the raised storage you used, great idea - hope it all stays organized longer than mine does!


Alicia Yamashita

Friday 2nd of March 2012

That's awesome! Boy, do I ever need a craft closet...Haha!


Friday 2nd of March 2012

Very nice! Hanging the embroidery floss is a cute idea! Isn't it so fun to have all your crafts organized so you can find everything?

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