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Easy beginner crochet wristers (fingerless gloves)

Easy beginner crochet wristers (fingerless gloves)

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Everyone!

Today, I’m excited to share these beginner crochet wristers or fingerless gloves with you!

Well, I have unburied myself from bank statements and IRS forms and can share a new project with you now that the docs are ready for our tax appt next week – yay for self employment!

These are a great transitional spring accessory or great if you work in a chilly office! And they are quick and beginner friendly making them a great go-to project.


I used 1 ball of Paintbox simply chunky yarn for these wristers. This is the color stormy grey. You most likely will only need 1 ball, but it depends on the size of the ball. (sidenote: paintbox has great affordable yarn and a really nice color selection).

crochet hook that matches your yarn size (check the package) I used the recommended 6mm.

yarn needle – here are some on amazon

I wore these non stop on a recent trip to Montana.


For these wristers, I am using the star stitch from THIS TUTORIAL. I want to reiterate, that you don’t need to use this stitch if it is too advanced for you or you want to use another stitch. As long as your rectangle is the right size, you can use any stitch you like (which makes these great for practice!).

Tutorial found at the end of the post!

crochet wristers

My wrister pieces measure 8.5 inches wide x 7.5 inches long. After you make a few rows, fit it around your knuckles to ensure a good fit.

Once you have 2 pieces the same size, you are ready to seam it up and create the wrister.

Fold your rectangle in half with the right side showing. Use your yarn needle to seam up the side… don’t forget to leave a thumb hole!

there is nothing worse then a thumb hole too small, so make sure to try it on and make sure it will fit comfortable ;).

Once you have the seam complete, that’s it! See how easy that was?!


Saturday 16th of March 2019

Thanks Melanie! I made the big cozy mittens you posted back in January (so fun snd easy to make) and I’m looking forward to hooking these wristers next! I agree about Paintbox yarns....gorgeous colors and very affordable. Wishing you a happy spring!

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