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How to Travel Scrapbook – Family Hawaii Trip

How to Travel Scrapbook – Family Hawaii Trip

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Everyone!

My friend Amy Tangerine has been inspiring me to do a little scrapbooking.  We even did a little collab awhile back and while I enjoy paper crafts, I realistically don’t make time for it.  Our family was headed to Hawaii last December, for my husband to do a video for the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor (his video played on Waikiki beach in front of a few thousand people – it was awesome!).  I wanted to do some sort of scrapbook on this trip, so this was what I decided to do… Have it finished by the time I got home!

Here are some of the supplies I prepared and took with me so that I could get started on the 5 hour flight and in the evenings at the hotel.  My kids are young still, 5 and 8 – so we did try to get them to bed at a decent hour.  Once they went to bed, I would hang out with my family and take a few minutes to work on my traveling scrapbook.

Here I am sitting at the hotel dining table next to my husband working on it.

My favorite supplies to make a travel scrapbook:

Travelers Notebook (I love the grid refill for quilt sketches)

Instax Printer

Roll of adhesive

Themed paper

Good pen

Washi Tape

Here is a video where I go a little more in detail and show some family footage of the trip!