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Support World Vision this #GivingTuesday

Support World Vision this #GivingTuesday

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It’s Giving Tuesday! This is one of my favorite days of the year because we can give back as a community and as a nation to charities like World Vision. They are partnering with Thirty-One again this year… which means a product match of up to 2,000,00!!  Let’s get a woohoo for that! 

Already ready to give?  Get started HERE!

Giving Tuesday

Last year, one of the items donated by Thirty – One was backpacks.  Ivy, a third-grader, received the first backpack she has ever had. “It’ll help me carry my books,” she says.

Last March, I had the chance to go to Honduras with World Vision and be a part of the team promoting their clean water initiatives.  I was blown away by the work they are doing because they are going after the root of many of these issues and creating lasting change.  That is why I know you will love partnering with their organization and enjoy seeing the good work they are doing, especially that benefits children.

Paola is showing me her muscles from carrying the water every day. Photo taken by: Will Odom

How Backpacks helped

7-year-old Susan from Moyo, Zambia loves her new backpack. It will help keep her books from getting wet when it rains. Without backpacks, children used to carry their books to school and arrive soaked on rainy days, the pages of their books glued together — a soggy mess. Several other girls who received backpacks plan to use them for reading camps they attend.

Kasamba Moyo, who works with sponsored children in the field, says, “When a child receives something from far away, they feel loved.” And that’s what Giving Tuesday is all about — celebrating the birth of Jesus by sending encouragement, prayers, and a special gift to a precious child of God.

Here are some of the ways that this year’s matching donation of product from Thirty-One Gifts will help children, families and communities:

  • Towels – Can be used as blankets to keep babies warm.
  • Apparel – Both for adults and children. Shirts from Thirty-One Gifts have been used as “uniforms” for school physical education and sports.
  • Thermal lunch bags – Children use these to carry their books and school supplies. They have also been used to take food home to younger children from school feeding programs. In many countries, this is one way that parents are enticed to send their kids to school. 

In Honduras, it doesn’t take much for children to stay home from school.  They have to work in the coffee fields, travel to get clean water or don’t have the uniforms or supplies (like backpacks)  needed so it keeps them home.  World Vision steps in to help break that cycle in these crucial areas by getting access to clean water, empowering women like Maria to make uniforms and providing education to the parents and supplies for the kids.

Maria showing the school uniforms she makes with other single moms in the community. photo: Will Odom

Isn’t that awesome!!  I am thrilled to be a part of this campaign and help communities in need like the families and children I met in Honduras.  A huge THANK YOU to Thirty-One for their generous donation to help spread joy but also to continue the important education they are providing to women and children in remote villages where prenatal and nutritional supplies are desperately needed.


A little Honduran girl.  Her Mom works with Maria and is sewing for a better income and even donates uniforms for those in the community who can’t afford it. Photo by: Matthew Paul Turner

How you can help

Any gift given to World Vision on Giving Tuesday — today, November 27 — will be matched with a donation of product up to $2 million from Thirty-One Gifts, helping families around the world with items to keep babies warm, deliver medical supplies, and keep girls in school. Double the impact of your Giving Tuesday gift and shine twice as bright in someone’s life today.