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Your First Quilt: Part 5 How to Bind your Quilt

Your First Quilt: Part 5 How to Bind your Quilt

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Everyone! 

Today, I have Part 5 of the “Your First Quilt” series, and I’m going to show you how to bind your quilt!

If you missed parts 1-4, you can find them HERE

In the last tutorial, we learned how to trim the quilt and make the quilt binding.

how to bind your quilt

How to Bind Your Quilt: Attach the Binding

I like to teach beginners how to attach the binding by sewing it to the front and then hand stitching the binding to the back.

This is my preferred method of binding.  Sometimes, quilters aren’t a fan of the handwork – but machine binding really requires mastery of your machine and it can be frustrating for beginners. 

That’s why I like to teach it this way.


There are a few helpful tools and supplies when we attach the binding to your quilt.  Most likely you have most of these on hand or they can be easily picked up at your local craft store or on Amazon

how to bind your
  1. Clover Clips or Pins
  2. Hand sewing needle
  3. Hand Quilting Thread
  4. Thimble


There are lots of little steps when it comes to binding.  The good news is that once you’ve got the hang of it, you won’t need to continue to refer to tutorials every time you need to know how to bind your quilt.

If you are a beginner, I recommend following along with my video which shows you step by step the entire process.  In this video (below), I go nice and slow so that you can follow along.

Quilt Binding Video

Patti West

Friday 21st of December 2018

Thank you Melanie! My Mom pasted in 2015 and I got the totes with all her material left over from many curtains she made for every room and little cozy covers made for lamp shades,tablecloths and whatever..we all still have some of the things she made. I have been determined to cut the material into squares and give quilts to my 3 sisters! Done! Giving them to the girls for made it easy. ! God Bless! Patti West Michigan


Saturday 15th of December 2018

These videos have been so helpful! I’m planning on making a quilt for my grandmother, and I’m using a quilt that we already have for our deminsions. It is about 6’ x 5 1/2’, and I don’t know how many yards of cotton backing I should get. You did say in your video that you should add four inches for batting and backing, and I’m just asking for your advice because this is my first quilt. Thank you again so much, I don’t know what I would do without your help!😄


Friday 14th of December 2018

Oh my gosh, this was so helpful. The last time I finished off a binding I just tied a bunch of knots and crossed my fingers that it would hold ha ha. Thank you for the amazing information.

Joanna Rose

Sunday 9th of December 2018

How do you do quilt binding with a binding foot? Has anyone tried would like to know how it went?


Friday 7th of December 2018

Thank you so much! You are an amazing teacher. I was able to make a table runner and cannot wait to do more. God bless you Melanie for sharing your gift!

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