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Your First Quilt: Part 5 How to Bind your Quilt

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Hi Everyone!  Today, I have Part 5 of the “Your First Quilt” series and today I am going to show you how to bind your quilt! If you missed parts 1-4, you can find them HERE.  In the last tutorial, we learned how to trim the quilt and make the quilt binding.

how to bind your quilt

How to Bind your Quilt: Attach the Binding

The way that I like to teach beginners how to attach the binding is to sew it to the front and then hand stitch to the back. This is my preferred method of binding.  Sometimes, quilters aren’t a fan of the handwork – but machine binding really requires mastery of your machine and it can be frustrating for beginners.  That’s why I like to teach it this way.


There are a few helpful tools and supplies when we attach the binding to your quilt.  Most likely you have most of these on hand or they can be easily picked up at your local craft store or on Amazon

how to bind your
  1. Clover Clips or Pins
  2. Hand sewing needle
  3. Hand Quilting Thread
  4. Thimble


There are lots of little steps when it comes to binding.  The good news is that once you’ve got the hang of it, you won’t need to continue to refer to tutorials every time you need to know how to bind your quilt. If you are a beginner, I recommend following along with my video which shows you step by step the entire process.  In this video, I go nice and slow so that you can follow along.


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