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The Moss Pillow Crochet Along – Part 3 of 5

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Everyone!  It’s time for part 3 of the Moss Pillow Crochet Along!  I hope you all are having fun stitching along as a group and working on this fun pillow together! If you aren’t sure what’s going on, click here for Part 1!

Moss Pillow Crochet Along Part 3

The Plan

This week is really similar to last week, but instead of 1 square panel, we need to make 2 rectangles for the back panels of the pillow.


Create your foundation chain the same width as for panel 1.

Using the same moss stitch from panel 1, create 2 back panels that are the same width as the front panel.  There needs to be at least a 4 inch overlap and 1 panel should be slightly larger than the other.

Take your pillow size, let’s use 14 x 14 as an example. Divide 14/2 = 7.  Because of the 4 inch overlap, we will add 3 inches to one side and 1 inch to the other. So 1 panel will be 14 x 8 and the other will be 14 x 10. Make sense?moss pillow crochet along

Next week we’ll cover how to weave in the ends and attach all of the panels together! Use #CALmelanie on social media to join in with other crocheters making Moss Pillow Crochet Along project too!  The hashtag is also a great way to get feedback if you have any questions on your color palette or need any assistance. I am checking the hashtag too so that I can chime in 😉

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