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Your First Quilt Part 6: How to Label and Wash your Quilt

Thank you so much for sharing!

I can’t believe that over 200k of you have seen the first video of this Your First Quilt series! I figured this would be a helpful series, but I had no idea it would make that sort of impact. Today, I’m excited to share the final video of the series, how to label and wash (take care of) your quilt. Here is a photo of the quilt after it has been labeled and washed.

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There aren’t many supplies for this part of your first quilt, but here are the things that I like to use.

How to Make a Label

  • Take a light piece of fabric and write the details you would like to include on your label. Leave a wide enough border that you can iron a clean edge and hand sew it to the back of the quilt.
  • At minimum this should be your name and the date/year that it was made. You can also include who it is made for, a phrase like a bible verse or quote, the name of the quilt or any other details that you would like to remember.
  • Iron around the edge and hand sew to the back of the quilt with the same hand sewing technique as the binding video. Make sure you don’t go all the way through the quilt, just the backing fabric.
  • Here are a few fun pre-made quilt label options. HERE, HERE and HERE.

How to Wash your Quilts

I believe that handmade quilts should be used and loved and that means they need to be washed! The first time you wash your quilt, wash it by itself in case there is any dye bleeding. It rarely happens, especially when you are using high quality precuts like we did (which should not be pre-washed). I add a color catcher or two just in case.

I wash mine on cold with gentle detergent and tumble dry low.

If it is a seasonal quilt or wont be used for a bit, try rolling the quilts to help with crease marks. This is how my quilts hang out by my couch 😉

Here is the YouTube video for the final part of the Your First Quilt Series!

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